Thursday, May 9, 2019

Breathing Concentration - Source of Mind Control

As our body is fully controlled by our brain, the exercise which will keep our brain under control has to be done daily to keep control on it.For this one of the most powerful exercise is keep concentration on breathing in which breathing in and breathing out process is to be experienced which is continues process in our body for entire day & night.For achieving better concentration this process has to be followed early in the morning in the presence of fresh air available in the surrounding.

Wake up early in the morning keep our self in comfortable zone by siting normally. Now try to concentrate on breathing in & breathing out process. How the air is going inside our body through nose and after some time how it is coming out again. During this try to feel that air which touches inner part of our body during breathing in which give one form of energy to our body. Repeat the process again & again till half an hour and feel energetic.

This will definitely control our mind as per our desire. This process also helps to increase decision making power as well as situation handling capability with lots of patience which is the daily requirement of human being. This will also provide stability for doing our daily routing work with full of confidence.

The important benefit which can be achieve using this process is stress management which is not in our control now a days, that can be done with daily practice of this breathing concentration process. And its need of time for betterment of our own body to keep it fit & healthy.

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