Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle - Need of the time

As per as today's lifestyle is concern everyone should be more careful about the health.The reason behind the same is the daily routine in which there is lots of work to be done and no time for physical and mental exercise as well as no time for our self. Apart from this the bad eating habit with no time frame and food with less nutrition which are not fulfilling the daily requirements of our body in terms of proteins and vitamins.But the big deal is to be ready for today's health challenges by means of  daily exercise and healthy food for our body.

Everyone has to give some dedicated time for our own personal growth at least half an hour a day.In that half an hour concentrate on our own existence.Some physical exercise and yoga has to be done especially to keep the energy level of our body at high level and feel fresh throughout a day.Some mental exercise like meditation & pranayam will surely help to get the real peace of mind and start every day with fresh morning.

Apart from this the daily requirements of the body is to be fulfilled by eating healthy and nutritious food with herbal ingredients. This is to be done by taking related knowledge about the Ayurveda.Everyone can keep their body fitness up to the mark by doing these simple task which is the need of time for current situation.

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